Recycling cashmere

At Tricot, we believe in a better way to create garments. We recycle cashmere sweaters and reuse surplus fibers to be destroy to spin our yarn.

Discover our full process in this page. From the recycling to the full process of creating beautiful and sustainable sweaters. 

First our manufacturer in Prato, a neighboring city to Florence collects cashmere sweaters from italian brands stocks. The sweaters are classified by colors and then the recycling process can start. The sweaters are grinded to become only fibers. We assess the fibers and only keep the very best and most durable.

These fibers are then meticulously mixed with virgin fibers from goat farms in Mongolia. From this mixture we have created soft and resistant yarns.

What are the 3 yarns?

The 3 yarns correspond to the quality and strength of the stitch. A sweater in Cashmere knitted with 3 threads is more resistant than a Cashmere 2 threads!

At Tricot, our workshops hand select the strongest yarns to create durable sweaters. It is thanks to this tight knitting that we avoid pilling and possible damage caused by time.