Our values

When we founded Tricot, we wanted one thing: to do things right. It means creating high-quality pices that you can and want to wear forever. Our timeless pieces are produced sustainably, and sold at a fair and honest price.

What makes our tricot so unique is the cut, that leaves nothing to chance. Singular details make them different from all the basic sweaters you can find. Raglan sleeves, contrast trims, neck-flattering collars. Basics, yes. But basics that dare to stand out.

Our expertise

A long-lasting piece has been carefully and thoroughly crafted. Keepers of a unique expertise, the talented people designing Tricot knits put perfectionism and patience back into product creation.

Sensbility to sustainability: all our workshops are part of a sustainable and environmentally consciours approach. From selecting durable materials to fighting fast-fashion, our partners share our vision.

Tricot has committed to working only with workshops that respect both Nature and people and value the skill and talent of our knitters.

Our workshops

When we founded Tricot, it took months to find the perfect workshop.

We finally chose a family workshop in Italy, near Venice, that has been manufacturing luxury goods since generations. Thanks to their expertise and traditional savoir-faire, we create flawless pieces you can count on.

These skilled artisans are truly passionate about good workmanship and embody quality requirements à la Tricot: having an eye for detail and accuracy and focusing on durability for pieces that will never lose quality or style. And that is exactly why we trust them with making our recycled cashmere sweaters, the brand signature piece.