A Tricot is a much more than a sweater.

We have one mission at Tricot: making people proud to wear sweaters again. This is why our tricots combine comfort, style and ethics, so you never have to compromise.

"Tricot" means sweater in French. And if there is ONE thing that does characterise French people, it's their research of inflexible quality and love for knockout basics you can wear forever. In that way, our tricots are very, very French.

The Manifesto

We have long sought the ideal sweater, the sweater that we could put with anything. The little nothing that makes everything. But when the quality was there, the cut was not perfect.

When the cut was worked on, the ethics were questionable.
When the ethics were there, the style was to be reviewed.

Today, at Tricot, we design the sweaters we have always dreamed of, those that have always been missing from our wardrobes. And maybe yours?
Today, a Tricot is a perfect fit, studied in every detail, from the low armhole (for style and comfort) to the signature ribbed trim.

It lives with your look, and matches as well with a 501 as with a suit. It goes with everything, from the office to the boat, from a hike to a coffee shop. Dressy or casual, basic or sharp, oversized or fitted: it's up to you to make it your own.

We went looking for the best quality and the most talented artisans. The goal? That it follows you every day, forever. It's also responsible, because in 2022, that goes without saying.
Your Tricot is well thought out and well made: it's just waiting for you to wear it well.

The Founders

Tricot was founded by two longstanding friends with a common ambition: creating sweaters that feel good and act for good. Tricot is the result of their own expertises: knack for innovation, tech and efficiency for Tom Lehman, co-founder of Genius. Fashion sense, aesthetics and refinement for Rémi de Laquintane, photographer and creative director. This perfect match shows in the Tricot creations, that embody this common obsession for high-quality clothes and new digital experiences.