Our values

At the origin of Tricot there is an ambition: to (finally) do things right. That means creating beautiful, high-quality pieces that you can wear for a long time. Our timeless designs are made in a responsible and sustainable way.

What distinguishes a tricot from any other sweater is a research in the cut that makes it a not so basic basic. Our knitwear has details that change from the classic Cuts . Non-standard volumes, low armholes for a nonchalant style, tightened waistlines to structure the silhouette, collars to clear the neck. Basics that know how to be noticed.

Our expertise

A piece that lasts has been well made and worked on from every angle. The talented people who design Tricot sweaters are the heirs of a unique know-how, which puts patience and perfectionism at the heart of the product.

All our workshops are part of a responsible approach that takes care of the environment. From the selection of sustainable materials to the anti fast fashion, our partners share the vision Tricot.

Tricot has committed to working only with workshops that respect both Nature and people and value the skill and talent of our knitters.

Our workshops

When we founded Tricot, it took months to find the perfect workshop.

We finally chose a family workshop in Italy, near Venice, that has been manufacturing luxury goods since generations. Thanks to their expertise and traditional savoir-faire, we create flawless pieces you can count on.

These skilled artisans are truly passionate about good workmanship and embody quality requirements à la Tricot: having an eye for detail and accuracy and focusing on durability for pieces that will never lose quality or style. And that is exactly why we trust them with making our recycled cashmere sweaters, the brand signature piece.